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The first few Weeks

Pictures from the Huntarian Museum and various other trips

Me Tea Party
Following the dwarf assignment, we had to decorate our workspace however we wanted. 

I wanted to use the lazer cutter to make stationary from wood or perspex, however I didn't take it into consideration how long it takes for the lazer cutter to cut through these kind of materials so I did a few place mats from black reflective card instead, some which I had painted on. 

The lazer engraved into the mirrored surface and revealed a white line. I also did a painting on some brown paper of clouds and geometric puzzles. the paint is incriedibly opaque as its wall paint. I drew in the details with pen. 

The Dwarf
Our first Camberwell assignment was a group one. We had to do a 'performance' based on a short story called 'the dwarf'. Here is the dwarf doll for our animation. We decided to 'preform' our interpretation of the story through animation, in accordance to the brief. 

Using photography to make a stop frame animation, compiled in IMovie we used images photocopied from books, made collages chaotically for each scene to make the performance familiar to the emotional anguish and social confusion felt by the dwarf. 
We photographed each shot  using fairy lights, some through coloured acetate  positioning the collages under an old lamp shade that was wrapped in a scarf with red tassels along the bottom so that it resembled the interior of a circus tent. For the scenes in the hall of mirrors part the photographs were taken flat, some through a split filter. 

Here is an example of what our animation looked like. We projected it onto a white sheet. This one hasnt got the sound and is the wrong version, but it's very similar.