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The work of MATTHEW BARNEY and other images

Matthew Barney (born March 25, 1967) is an American artist who works in sculpture, photography, drawing and film. I think these examples of his work relate visually to some aspects of Dracula. http://www.cremaster.net/

1) View for the air from this website of Pir Pangal Range near India.
2) Temple and Enclosure of Marttand or the Sun, near Bhawan in Kashmir A.D. 490-555. I like this, thought it rather tomb-like. (Found imagery for Dracula- reproduced in Henry Hardy Cole's Archaeological Survey of India Report 'Illustrations of Ancient Buildings in Kashmir.' 1869).

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OXBUSH: For Oxjam

My pal Dave is putting on an Oxjam jobby at Ginglik. Its a fundraising event for Oxfam called OXBUSH.

The blog is jammyox.blogspot, called OXBUSH because it will be in Shepherds bush. T'shall be wonderful eve full of exciting musical treats and an outrageous raffle table with prizes to stand infront of a bus for. It will be most rousing, stimulative and exhaluting so you should go. There will be cake sale in Camberwell this month to raise moneys on behalf of Oxbush so as to contribute to their contributions t'ward the cause. If your there, buy some cake. If you desire to make one to sell, please do. Ill be on a table by a door with some cakes on it in the imminent future, I shall give fair warning and corresponding co-ordinates.

I made the flyer for Oxbush from a recent painting of an owl.

Here is the lineup with links. I CANT WAIT FOR THE RAFFEL PRIZES! WHAHAHAHHA! Anyway....


REID MORISSON (tree top flyers)

Go to the blog for more info and to purchase ticketys.

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Edward Burtynsky: WA Mines

These photographs are by Edward Burtynsky. His work examins the excavation the ground and of the human. There is something slightly apocalyptic about them and its interesting how he makes them show the effects of industry, demand and commerce. I have included some of his photographs of mines in Western Australia. These photographs are stunning but the aggressive nature of industry is evident.

Also have a look at this website/blog about industry and sustainability http://www.worldchanging.com/

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Biteproof is an independent publication where the title of each issue is the running theme. It is a compilation of contributions created by a variety of artists illustrating the title. Only sections (or crops) of work as part of the contributors obligatory terms and conditions of participation are allowed to be published on line (rights remain those of the artist). Therefor the only way to see the whole is by purchasing the book. A response to promoting the genuine purchase of art publications and to advocate the aesthetics of physical ownership by democratizing the purchase of artbooks through affordability.


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Current Studies of Tommy Hinks

Saw this on Field's blogage. I thought I would paste a mention as I beleve it deserves one. A bit more research for elective perhaps.

Current Work - PhD Studies

I (Tommy Hinks) am currently based in Dublin as a PhD student, working on methods that will make Aerial Laser Scanning a first-class tool for urban modeling.

Click on this for more of the computer-graphic projects of Tommy Hinks in no particular order.


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True dat: Quote from Dan Kitson as found on OUTLAWSMIX.COM

Quote of Dan Kitson:

* In addition to the itinerary of drawing places for Dracula I will go to The Tower of London and to Piccadilly/Green Park and look for a house to draw like the one in the book.
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EIS: Extreme Ice Survey

These animations are compiled by EIS (Extreme Ice Survey) the most the most wide-ranging glacier study ever conducted using ground-based, real-time photography. They illustrate changes in geological time that we can actually witness and highlight the reality of the effects of climate change. Its quite shocking and quite stunning and quite difficult to forget.

GL-A Rink Narrated

AK-03 Columbia Cliff Narrated

IL-04 Solheimajokull

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Marbled paper is top

Marbled paper is best. Ill learn it one day for some reason. The first one even looks a bit meaty, which I like VERY much, and will be a useful thing to learn how to do.

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SWALLOW: Trials, provisionals for 'Swallow' flyer 26/09/09

Some provisional work on a wee jobby for the wonderful folk of Inspired Flight in the Village Underground. I will be changing it a lot but I do like this version. Please come to the party; http://www.inspiredflight.tv/.