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Disappearing Cities

Im going to enter this one as well.


Open Brief - Moving Image

Sponsor: onedotzero
The City is constantly in transition and mutation, disappearing behind changing environments and shifting identities. Create your own ‘adventure in motion’ that explores this.

It seems like quite a lot to consider but I would like (for now) to make acute references to memories, places of the past that we never knew, a whole bunch of cliches,  demographics, perhaps making way for the new, change and/or progress. Also small scale versions of the above e.g possible reference to trend and pattern and other cultural reference.

Here are some pictures from the internet and please look at this nice linky: 100 ABANDONED HOUSES these are photographs taken by Kevin Bauman please click HERE for inform.

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PUFFIN: Alice in Wonderland

Im working on something to enter in a book cover competition ran by Puffin children's books. I don't know if many of the things I draw would make a very young human feel entirely comfortable, so I'll have to interview the offspring of some of my spawning friends to find out. Hence for the time being I have decided to work on a pattern. Similar to the ones I did last year here: http://thejenistempire.blogspot.com/2009/01/isometric-paper.html 

The use of (anti)logic and nonsense in Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll (or should I say Charles Lutwidge Dodgson?) originate from a pack of cards, while the tale Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There relates to nonsense within a game of chess. This is what I have tried to draw attention too so far. The patterns are all very different to what I am more partial to producing but are very interesting to make as they behave as a means to communicate and do so using simple, instant imagery. They hold direct universal meanings relating to pattern, memory and logic and as far as I am concerned to absurd applications of logic in absurd situations. I have started working on some characters on paper but need to ask a child if they find them acceptable or if they are any good. 
I assumed that making patterns through my computer would make pattern making a little easier and more enjoyable. It was. 

Here are some of the things I have materialised via my table top ordinating processing book device. They remind me a little bit of fractals because of the shape within a shape within a shape etc. 

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Book: Pending in the Intermediate Lake

Here be the prototype.

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PENDING IN THE INTERMEDIATE LAKE (Exhibition: 04/02/20100 07/02/2010)

Considering the space at the Arthur and Albert Studio is so large, it seemed like a good way to try project the 'Probability Theory' animation, programmed by Adam Chappell. The drawings were deliberately hung opposite the designated projection area in moveable frames so they could slide up off their hooks and be re-arranged in a countdown-fashion to certify how they connect up with each other. Photocopied versions of these pictures was also available on a table for people to interact with. 'Probability Theory' was my chosen topic to illustrate from the  FACT project. The exhibition was also an opportunity to allow interaction with this piece, which is important in supporting my intentions of demonstrating the blurred lines between causality and randomness.

At the back of the space, in a small make shift room, were some old pieces from my show in August 'A Vague Inventory of Ailments and States' next to the Windmill Brae painting and the final clue painting from the book called 'PENDING'. Many, many, many fundamentally indispensable thanks and praise to Su Pettigrew, Charlotte Hanlon (of OVER IT & CO) who did all the organising, planning, drink getting and flyer making. The same thanks applies to Arthur & Albert's Zoniel Burton and Danny (surname?) who so wisely designed the layout of the exhibition AND of course to Alex Miller for handling the hanging of all the work so swiftly and efficiently.

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Images for book, and paintings for the exhibition: Pending in the intermediate lake (Here are the image clues for the treasure hunt. In order to maintain the purpose of the book, I am obliged to act on a particular level of privacy that does not allow me to publish the cross words or clues on this here blog.)

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This book is a guide to something similar to a treasure hunt, just not a particularly comprehensive one. It will (with the correct use) lead you to a rewarding treat that could be buried, sunken, suspended or in some other way concealed from the eye, ear, hand and mouth. Complete the cross words associated with each drawing and using the words from them, the whereabouts of the prize can be deduced in the final puzzle. Any tools, ideas and warnings that may be indispensable to your success will also be disclosed. 
Use any type of resource that is at your disposal, perhaps consider doing so in groups, this could be hugely beneficial for the last task as my pictures are probably misleading and do contain accidental decoys, the forward notes and clues help make it clear. It is advised that you visit particular locations for some of the tasks; in the tasks ‘1520’ and ‘Timely’ for example, your location may as well be a precondition to your success. There are no spaces in the answers and all numbers are spelt out.   
Personally, I have never completed a crossword in my life and my spelling is distinctly below average but rest assured the solutions to these tasks are quite real and ARE spelt correctly. Do not hesitate to contact me for any further inquiry.  

NOTE: Regrettably, I can not be made accountable for any misadventures resulting from an employment of any or all of these tasks. 

Copyright 2010 by the author of this book (Jennifer A Crouch).  The book author retains sole copyright to the contributions of this book. None other may use them as of right for any reason with out permission of the author. Please contact Jennifer A Crouch if you require more information.

Jennifer Crouch

(+44) 7852984972

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Directive and distribution

Having been approached by a good friend who wanted to help put on an exhibition in time for 4th February 2010 and accepted, and fused this opportunity with the publish project, it seems as though it would be hugely beneficial to untilise any opportunity for distribution and introduction of this book. 

All the paintings are about A2 to just above A3 in size, choosing to do this has proved to be awkward. I thus I want to make this book available as a pdf so that there is an option for several stages in the distribution stage. This means I can distribute it more easily at the exhibition, work within the time limit I have and tie up any loose ends for the exhibition. Giving me more time to solve any problems. One of the problems is that printing in A2 (which would in book form- fold down to A3) is very difficult on my kind of budget, especially for double sided colour printing. This is the main floor I have encountered; my plan to scan and print paintings on card that I are to be framed and exhibited is not entirely suitable for my design. Im delighted with the progress of the paintings but in terms of publication this has not worked to my advantage. I though it would be the easiest way but I seem to have not made the necessary inquiries to have for seen this. I thus propose, I attempt this project again in the future, (although not at all with the same imagery or concept) but this time using screen printing methods. 

I am obliged to change my design, and downsize from an A2 spread to an A3 spread. But that is all very well. Compromise is compulsory. 

Anyone who is interested, will be encouraged using something like this: http://thejenistempire.bigcartel.com/

to receive a copy....If you would like a copy of PENDING IN THE INTERMEDIATE LAKE: A book of pictorial quests by Jennifer Crouch, it is required that you wait a little while for it is not yet complete else attend the opening of the exhibition. 
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Small view of...

One of the paintings that will feature in the exhibition TOMORROW and in the book. It seems as though there will be two versions of this book; one for distribution TOMORROW and another one that will be over twice the (paper) size of that small wee one and hand bound with thread and bound with blood. It has been an exhausting but satisfying fortnight.