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Biosphere 2: Cross Sections, Geometry and controlled conditions.

Im fond of cross sections. Who isn't? Its nice to be able to see so much at the same time. Working on some cross section cross overs and by some happy mistake a major search engine led me to these images of biosphere 2 which is a space sealed off completely from the earths atmosphere. Biosphere 2 is a 3.15-acre (12,700 m2) structure originally built to be a man-made, materially-enclosed ecological system. Its is a lab or research facility where you can explore the complex web of interactions and the study and manipulation of a biosphere without harming the Earth's. Imagining living in there is a bit odd, makes me think of being trapped in a light bulb. I wander how claustrophobic it is? How altering gasses concentrations would or could affect my eyes? What would your feces look like after a week? What would the insides of my lungs look like? Or smell like? Could I change the composition of my blood? If instead of Iron in haemoglobin we had a Copper equivalent, would our blood be green? This is something Im going to think about for a bit.

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Sign Post and Colouring Book Workshop: Clip art is good

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The Weighting Room.....

Cressida and myself wanted to do stalactite-esque sculptures of weight-loss dripping from parts of the leisure center, but with so much to do, we are going to draw pictures instead. Here is one of my illustrations; its of a corner (any corner) of the Leisure Center secreting some fat. I wanted to paint over large photographs, but as a result of not having a camera I may just draw some games-court lines or resort to using the photos from the visit in some kind of digital montage of these illustrations and the badminton court and/or pool.
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Sign Post and Colouring Book Workshop

I planed to make a sign post for the back door, Initially to list where to find everyones work, but I didnt have enough information ie; full names of my fellow students or where to find their work. This is the alternative, a colouring-in book map of the leisure center. It will get blown up to 2.5m by 1.3m to be put on wall and coloured in by who ever wants to colour it in however they want. I did a few versions, the one on the top is the original and so is the colour one. The one underneath was scanned in before I finished and I added some clip-art. This is what went up. See later entry.

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Camberwell College of Arts' BA Illustration Year One students are organising a week-long exhibition/event that will take place in Camberwell Leisure Centre. This is as part of the Camberwell Arts Festival (http://www.camberwellarts.org.uk/) which has been organised in partnership with Bob and Roberta Smith, and will run concurrently to the degree shows at Camberwell College of Arts (http://www.camberwell.arts.ac.uk/).

The site-specific work will develop throughout the week and will reflect individual interpretations of the art of sport, competition and movement, and reactions to/interventions on the beautiful victorian building. Work created by the public in our generative art workshops will also be displayed and responded to. The idea is to inspire people with a variety of activities and pieces to spark interest in flexing the body and mind.

Exhibition runs from 20th-28th June
Special screenings and Mid-Show Party Wednesday 24th June 6pm-10pm
See the attached flyer for more details including workshops dates on 20th and 21st June

Workshops include: Monoprinting collaborative pictures, Art Relay, 5 minute work-out, Disco Bagminton and Giant Paint by numbers!

Exhibition Location:
Camberwell Leisure Centre
Artichoke Place (off Peckham Road near Camberwell Green),
London, SE5 8TS
Open 7am-10pm Monday to Friday, 8am-5pm at weekends
Free entry to see the exhibition
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Jump the Shark: show at Camberwell Leisure Center

We are organising a variety of collaborative pieces and workshops that will take place during the day of the the 20th and 21st of June (a weekend) be exhibited through out the week. Here is the blog address, where we post ideas and decisions and images of peoples final work: http://camberwellness.blogspot.com/

Click on the link. Go to the show!

Here is a section of some word I made that is in fact unrelated but I was playing with watery pictures and writing.