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Pending in the Intermediate Lake

This is the best I can do to show some recent progress. I think after 4 years the time has come to invest in some kind of compact digital camera. 

I HAVE AN EXHIBITION ON THE 4TH FEBRUARY! It is with consideration to the terms of distribution of my publication 'Pending in the Intermediate Lake'


Come and visit for viewing of  seen and unseen works of recent times including the screening of animation of 'Probability Theory', some prints, drawings and paintings from my publication of PENDING IN THE INTERMEDIATE LAKE, an almost vaguely cryptic picture book in which you are encouraged to solve and decipher site specific puzzles and interpret their solutions into a sentence which will lead you to some encased treat either buried, sunken, suspended or in some other way concealed. The book is available for purchase and order.

Below is a flyer created by the lovely creatures of OVER IT& CO and The Arthur and Albert Gallery. 

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Bears: Polar and Whale feast

Pictures of Polar Bears eating a dead whale from BBC's LIFE documentary. 
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Publish: Breifing

To make public (from brief):
We will investigate (and ask you to consider) motives for authoring, editioning and distributing a work to a specific audience. We will investigate (and ask you to use) processes through hand-printmaking and binding to digital reprographics and finishing. 

We have been asked to do the following
1) Describe: content, audience, points of distribution.
2) Research a variety of very different printed publications to apply these questions to.

Useful links: