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What else are you going to find on an asteroid?

Their is heaving pile of un-done dones. One project, which began in Janurary (and although it was supposed to be done in March, it will take a long long time to deal with) is about anatomy. Its the first in a series of projects intent on encouraging people to dedicate a proportion of their attention to science.

The second is a book about asteroids. Although its not really ABOUT asteroids it merely relates to them in an irrelevant and ridiculous (possible un-necessary) way. Its a nice break- Im getting a lot out of doing something for no reason.

Variation on a Theme? 

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Tuesday the 8th of March 2011: The W Project

Come hitheroo! To this tomorroo: THE W PROJECT, curated (most competently) by the delicious Teo Connor & Loren Platt . The W Project celebrates women working across the creative industries. 

Private view 
8 March 2011
6.30 pm – 9pm

Exhibition continues
9 — 11 March 201110.00 am – 6pm

The Russian Club GalleryLondon E8 4DA

Flatland  (the 1885 tale of) by Edwin Abbott Abbott; interesting satyr of Victorian society and fascinating treatment of geometry in fiction is a trove of many things symbolic, representative, wrong and true. More read needs be dones to get my head into. Anyway, come hitheroo to theese shoo! IT will be wonderful!

Ahh, escaping flatland! 'Be Patient for the world is broad and wide'