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Holly Walker

Final adjustments for artwork for wonderful Holly Walker http://hollywalkermusic.com/
I have previously done a limited edition of 17 risograph prints with this image, it's been fun doing something different with it.

Musician Holly Walker has requested I make these images colourful to accompany her music. So this is the final work made with oil pastels, wax crayons, water and PLENTY of photoshop. Listen to her music. http://hollywalkermusic.com/

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Esa And Mervin Granger - I Stole Some Thunder

Some of my work was used, with permission of course for the artwork of Esa And Mervin Granger's - "I Stole Some Thunder". The sleeve /cover of the music is all screen printed, so thanks Esa for going out of your way to convert it.

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Ah, ahnd...

Ink and acrylic on paper. SOLD! To the delicious Suzy P!

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More of deck: THE DECKED PROJECT 2010 at Coningsby Gallery, 30 Tottenham Street, London WT1

Turns out I will miss the opening night as I will be in Germany, the work everyone has done for this is amazing, the gallery is interesting. Opening night is on the 18th of August 2010. Parp.
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Opus: Reseach for a 'MAKE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE' book

Here beginuth my research for on going project. Im starting work on a 'Make your own Adventure' type book. Something like an untold story and game combined.

ENIGMA, an encryption device built by the Nazis during WW2 to send secret messages to each other  functioned by means of a series or rotors which shuffle up the alphabet 'at random'. A=L, B=W for example to encrypt a message in what is reffered to as a polyalphabetic substitution cipher. What made Enigma powerful was that its electromechanical innards contained a gearing system that would re-shuffle the order after every letter typed - one or more rotors would step before the electrical connections were made, so that each letter of every word of a message was encrypted- the letters were re-scrambling if you like. This would be de-coded on the receiving by means of calculations by another machine on the same setting- obeying the same mathematical rule.
Of course, seeing as it is a machine, it is NOT a producer of infinitely random disarrangments. There were a finite number of scramblings it could perform, thus it is determinable, decipherable and was defeated by the Codebreaking team of the Allied forces in  Bletchley Park UK.

The successor of The Wehrmacht Enigma variant, was the LORENZ cipher, which had 12 rotors rather than Enigma's 3. It was of course, also finite in its ability to shuffle and its psyedorandom powers were, of course, crackable. The Lorenz was vanquished by the Allies as a result of the creation of the very first programmable, digital, electronic, computing device - COLLOSUS! Colossus was designed by engineer Tommy Flowers of the Post Office Research Station at Dollis Hill and a collective of rather wonderful people from Bletchly Park. Clever Tommy Flowers and clever Alan Turing, also of Bletchly Park who made the TURING MACHINE  ( I will look at this later).

Its a very interesting slither of history which I recommend EVERYONE to read about. But moving on...

TATJANA VAN VARK: Her work is worth looking at!

Im interested by The Jefferson Cypher tools she made as well: http://www.tatjavanvark.nl/tvvg/jeff.html

Other things to look into: Jefferson disks and the Antikythera Mechanism.

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DECKED EXHYIBIT 2010 exhibition 16th-29th August at the Coningsby Gallery, London.

Like a crazy person on a soap box:  http://www.coningsbygallery.com/ 

Current Status: Incomplete

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 Sneaky look at a large scale charcoal drawing for Biteproof issue 3. I cant quite remember the title but it is something like this: 'American lies, American somethings and an Indiginous dose of native American highs'. Apologies for forgetting. Not that I need to make excuses for myself but my forward working memory IS distinctly below average. Anyway, it was fun. I drew stuff from the British Museum.

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Oh yes, back in May 2010 my work featured in VOLUME MAGAZINE'S Green Issue, which is of course only available greenly and on-line. No trees were pupled or pressed etc. http://volumemag.blogspot.com/2010/05/green-issue-out-now.html

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sketchbook: ANAL TEAR

A page from sketch book I was asked to upload. While waiting at Glastonbury's 'blue gate' for 7 hours, I played a game with Glastlan work partner Isabel White. The objective of the game, which I first played in Norway is to turn your opponents dirty picture clean by means of your so-called 'penmanship'. The player who turns the most dirty pictures the most clean, is the weinner.
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OLDE WORK: From 2009

This was an illustrative response to Dracula, a fiction novel by Irish author Bram Stoker. I found all the main characters very irritating and was looking forward to an outrageous unprecedented end but such was not the case. None the less as a whole, the story was rather good to read and I'm sure that I was (regardless of my annoyance with the characters) quite interested at the time. I never had a camera good enough to photograph this but now I do. Perhaps the origin of these re-occurring stabby arms and an odd attempt to use fake cultural references. Can't say I'm crazy about the thing but I did enjoy using loads of paint.