Drawing has forever been used to inregister into perpetual memory, events, discoveries and customs or the days of yore. It serves a vital role in our culture. I have been reading Ernst Heckle's 'Artforms in Nature', which is probably one of the best books I have ever had.
 I enjoy that Heckle appreciated the accidental symmetry of nature and produced stunning work from it that had an educational purpose. Regardless of it being true to the fashion of his time to be meticulous and a collector, they are still amazing.
 I remember thinking, at one of the museum visits how difficult observational drawing is. I couldn't decide wether I wanted to be accurate or make a big mess. I would rather be accurate for some curious reason but you have to be so patient and you have to do exactly what you see. Its always the case that I find observation boring to do, but if Im really calm and don't think about how long its taking its 'OK'. Seldom have I done observation, only for GCSE Art and when I did a Geology course when I was (trying to) read Physics and I only passed because of my Paleontology drawings, which was good because I sucked at Geology, a lot. I was good at  Paleontology BECAUSE I had spent hours drawing tiny beasts and could see through observation what we were being taught. I think thats a good concept for learning. 

One day Id like to rework some of these. I didn't do them for any other reason than because it helped support a crappy essay I did. I wanted to make them exciting, and as it stands, to me, they do not possess such a quality.But I would like them to.