It is time for time to time time!

Despite time being a universal necessity for things and life to exist and exhaust I find it particularly relevant to my personal existence as I am almost always late. Not quite all the time but often enough for lateness to be my associate. 
As a necessary adjustment to my lifestyle and survival I am currently trying to tune this so that I can be in the right place at the right time, rather than neither or none of these. The adjustments I have made to date are currently working (my maladjustment appears to be resolving its self through habits, decisions and the exploitation of a notebook.) The improvements I am experiencing are astounding as I am much more productive and realistic these days although I still consider myself someone with negligible personal concept of time. 

EXAMPLE: Its as if I think I can do x (imagine any number) amount of tasks that I think or estimate will take T amount of time to complete. However they actually take T+2 amount of time to complete, but I only have a total of T+3 total time in which to do these things (remember there are x "or several" of these T+2 tasks that I have to do.) The out come of these situations are NEVER successful as I always  allow myself to get distracted or am convinced I can do all the tasks when it is infact impossible. 

By jove I know
 my life would be simplified significantly if my management of this time thing was even more effective/efficient/ practical/ realistic. In my defense, I have made considerable progress (in the last 2 years especially -Ive been working on it for many years!) 

Long has it been since the days of booking flights in the wrong direction and getting on the wrong trains to the wrong countries (ooops) and I look fondly back on the memories I have of the times when I rejected justification and structure. The days of my carelessness and frivolous ignorance of this measuring device we name 'time' are waning.... So long youth! (Well perhaps not youth, not yet, but some how so-long.)

Time is very special though. It provides a means of measuring events of the past present and future relative to our human scale. That means it is a dimension, just like up and down, backwards or forwards. Time its self is not actually consistent, just like how the world is not flat. This is a small video about time dilation that explains quite clearly how time is not a rigid as we think it is. This formula has been deduced to determine time dilation
Our ticking seconds, clocks and units are just tools. Time is relative and has a significant connection with perspective. 

Time is flexible but time is made rigid by our need to organize the events that take place in our lives. It is fast and it is slow as well as formless. It exists where ever something (alive or inanimate) is there to witness/occupy space around them. 

Memory is of significant importance in our perception of time. Its kind of as if we are all in our own small time spheres, hence relativity and the general theory of

Example: If I start running from A (gate) to B (post box) I am going faster compared to someone who is just strolling and so I will get to the post box before them. 
  You could interpret that as I am spending more energy, time is slowing down. 

Anyway, memory is our archive and time scale. (these pictures are from stephen hawking brief history of space and time book, more ideas about time.)