Maybe it is far to obvious to even type this but it might be compulsory for me to write it. Progress is always made when actually making things/ executing missions/activity. i.e Working. The production process is one I have previously had a tendency to leave too late. Such was the case with BIOPIC due to an unfortunate computer incident. 

Then, and only then, do you start to realise "Oh-ho! I should do this, or try that" and then go where ever it is that the construction process leads you only to be caught out by a time cul-de-sac. It must become ingrained in my research that a process is research, I have been far too slack/distracted. But here are some more stills from the section I am most pleased from my biopic. It plays very smoothly as I took a long time over this bit without distraction at all (* note: This always pays off). Compared to the other sections where it looks jerky. Its works for the plane scene in my view because it seems appropriate. Nonetheless you can tell the other parts are more hastily put together although perhaps the haste works in their advantage depending on how you view the animal metaphor and Panopticon, i.e. from Benthams view; That the Panopticon was an ideal and innovative way to treat criminals and that the fact that ideas he promoted needed support and were worth up holding (although were not taken seriously for quite a while.)