Biosphere 2: Cross Sections, Geometry and controlled conditions.

Im fond of cross sections. Who isn't? Its nice to be able to see so much at the same time. Working on some cross section cross overs and by some happy mistake a major search engine led me to these images of biosphere 2 which is a space sealed off completely from the earths atmosphere. Biosphere 2 is a 3.15-acre (12,700 m2) structure originally built to be a man-made, materially-enclosed ecological system. Its is a lab or research facility where you can explore the complex web of interactions and the study and manipulation of a biosphere without harming the Earth's. Imagining living in there is a bit odd, makes me think of being trapped in a light bulb. I wander how claustrophobic it is? How altering gasses concentrations would or could affect my eyes? What would your feces look like after a week? What would the insides of my lungs look like? Or smell like? Could I change the composition of my blood? If instead of Iron in haemoglobin we had a Copper equivalent, would our blood be green? This is something Im going to think about for a bit.