Here are some images that to grace you. Penny Klein sent me the one with the dogs. Thank you Penny. Jennite is a real mineral, its on display at THE NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM. Heres some information that I will probably never use about Jennite. I am obliged to mention it because of the name.

Chemical Formula:Ca9Si6O18(OH)6·8H2O
Composition:Molecular Weight = 1,063.37 gm
Calcium 33.92 % Ca 47.46 % CaO
Silicon 15.85 % Si 33.90 % SiO2
Hydrogen 2.09 % H 18.64 % H2O
Oxygen 48.15 % O
______ ______
100.00 % 100.00 % = TOTAL OXIDE
Empirical Formula:Ca9Si6O18(OH)6·8(H2O)
Environment:Late stage mineral in metamorphosed limestone.
IMA Status:Approved IMA 1966
Locality:Crestmore Quarry, 5 miles NW of Riverside, Riverside Co. California. Link to Location Data.
Name Origin:Named for Clarence Marvin Jenni (1896-1973), American mineral collector and director of the Geological Museum, University of Missouri.