OXBUSH: For Oxjam

My pal Dave is putting on an Oxjam jobby at Ginglik. Its a fundraising event for Oxfam called OXBUSH.

The blog is jammyox.blogspot, called OXBUSH because it will be in Shepherds bush. T'shall be wonderful eve full of exciting musical treats and an outrageous raffle table with prizes to stand infront of a bus for. It will be most rousing, stimulative and exhaluting so you should go. There will be cake sale in Camberwell this month to raise moneys on behalf of Oxbush so as to contribute to their contributions t'ward the cause. If your there, buy some cake. If you desire to make one to sell, please do. Ill be on a table by a door with some cakes on it in the imminent future, I shall give fair warning and corresponding co-ordinates.

I made the flyer for Oxbush from a recent painting of an owl.

Here is the lineup with links. I CANT WAIT FOR THE RAFFEL PRIZES! WHAHAHAHHA! Anyway....


REID MORISSON (tree top flyers)

Go to the blog for more info and to purchase ticketys.