Mutate Britain featuring TWIGFACE

Tonight is the private view of MUTATE BRITAIN. A highly prolific event/exhibition of outstanding initiative and innovation that has been steadily growing underneath the Westway near Ladbrook Grove station. Ive seen it mutate over the last few weeks and it's looking exceptional. Its put together by the Mutoide Waste Co who brought you TRASH CITY. The people involved are fascinating and have done some outrageous, wonderful things. Im glad to be involved with them and to have seen all the other artists generate such an interesting space. Its going from 9th-25th of October 2009. There is lots of time for you to visit. Here is their blog

AND! You can purchase a beautiful giclee print of TWIGFACE (the owl I painted) here, the Mutate Britain online store! 


Cressida Knapp | 19 October 2009 at 03:37

RAD. I'm taking a load of the farm kids to see it on Saturday, a bit worried they will go home and tell there mums they saw pole dancing robots, but a small price for inspiring them about art. The only galleries they see is the Greenwich Maritime, hmm.

Jennifer Crouch | 19 October 2009 at 04:54

They would love it! and probably play the best HAD game ever!