FACT: Sixty Symbols

In accordance to the brief we have been set about fact:

A bunch of scientists at Nottingham University collaborated with video-journalist Brady Haran to make this very interesting site http://www.sixtysymbols.com/.
These 60 important symbols are each linked to videos made to elaborate on its purpose or application and how these concepts, quantities or symbols exists in different disciplines. (Perhaps leaving one to deduce how they are all connected or applicable to each other in some way. )

Videos from a 1956 partly animated TV series call OH OUR MR SUN, one of the Bell Laboratory's educational programs. It aimed to explain and critique some of the contemporary scientific discoveries or questions of the time. They are quite amusing as there are a few references to the time and its funny how 'new' DNA is in the second video Ive posted. These are important things to try and teach and the animation is great.