StreetFest 2010 was a "rip-roaring, adrenalin pumpin' success," - Hurrah! I had sold riso prints on A3, off-white cartridge paper, blue land slice is a limited edition of 17, red bonemarrow edition of 11 and the red HMW cornmeal land edition of 12. For £5. If you want one please email me. 

Also for sale were some of Su Pettigrew's collages and screen prints- (she generously helped out on the stall regardless of the hangover), Matt Crump's BITE PROOF 1 and 2, Candy Lo's paintings, Elfin (Isabel White's) screen prints and risos, a collection of some of James Cartwright's beautiful outrageous screen prints,  some of my giclees from PENDING IN THE INTERMEDIATE LAKE and the etching 'bore presse'.