THE SPACE SUIT AND THE TOILET (mild appreciation of)

I will be brave (or ignorant) enough to assume the following: People think about space suits.

I am not keen on assumptions, but being idealistic and a human that often thinks about space, I LIKE (enjoy or take pleasure in) assuming that most people develop or at least consider developing an intrigue in the unknown. I hope that this statement is not too ambitious or too idealistic. Amongst the many things being unknown to our kind, SPACE is one of them. I am quite sure that many people think about space - as in the space what is intergalactic etc.

I would like to assume, for now, that perhaps people also contemplate space suits. Ill even be so bold as saying that people consider the practical feasibility of 'dressing-up' as in 'fancy dressing-up', as an astronaut.

Following a discussion about space suits with a friend of mine, I decided it was worth more consideration. It is not just a costume, although a mighty costume it be. With barely over half a century of scientific prelude and development, on July 20 in the year 1969 AD, NASA's Apollo 11 became the first manned mission to land on to the surface of our Moon.

About being naked in Space: 
  • One does not explode, 
  • One's blood does not boil- the containing effect of your skin and circulatory system keep your tissues together, 
  • Nor does one instantly freeze, even though Space is typically very cold, less than 3 degrees above absolout zero (+/-3K on the Kelvin scale or −270.15°C ). 
  • One will however quickly become unconscious after the body's dangerously depleted oxygen supply in the blood reaches the brain and unprotected skin is likely to suffer burns once exposed to the intense ultraviolet radiation of direct sunlight. Humans are not inhabitants of the vacuum, outer space is most inhospitable. You would die quickly, and funnily enough holding your breath before entering a vacuum will do you great damage (think pressure difference).

Barely over half a century of relevant technology and research lead to its production. How fawn-like it will look to the future! Compare this to how long it took for people to accept that the world was round. It took far too long! This does not inspire me with confidence, although  in reality, largely to blame in this retardation of understanding are those who obliged people to follow and not question moral/educational authority.

If it were flat, then all the shadows on the whole surface of the entire world would always be the same length at the same times throughout the year. And such is NOT the case (Carl Sagan illustrates this beautifully in one of the episodes of the COSMOS tv series first broadcasted in 1980). Humans have been writing and traveling for thousands of years, many thousands  enough to have shared and compared calendars and have initiative to inscribe observations of the natural world and compare these also. Seeing as it IS observable in many ways, I'm sure more people KNEW the earth was round, but were not allowed to talk about that. That is a terrible thought.

What else is amazing? SEWAGE! Here is another  assumption: Which assumes (stupidly and ignorantly perhaps, I do know any facts) that the vast majority of people living in large cities across the world have seen, or at least heard of a toilet. Baring in mind that there are,  both in existence and in use a vast variety of effective toilet and irrigation designs.
Where ever it was, who ever, which ever organisation or collective and when ever they lived who were among the first toilet/sewage designers and builders, well done! Very handy development. More sewage systems please! Unfortunately I  can not digress into environmental issues, another time maybe, when I know more and feel like vomiting again, this here merely be 'bigging up' the concept of water sanitation, it is wonderful. May sewage systems become more efficient and safe for all!

Sewage Systems and Space Suits! And Space Suits with Integrated Sewage Systems!