The Kit, therefore The Ring and The Fish

Collecting and making Source Material
 I am currently and (I presume) will continually be
 collecting/making/finding/taking and compiling drawings/objects/photographs/ experiments/ other media/ colour schemes/ surfaces/ patterns to contribute to what will be known as an Image Kit.

These are some images, objects and pages from a scrap book that I started last year (and will be continuing) that are all part of my kit and I am using for this project.
I will include some ink pictures I have done as well as an assortment of nonsense I have photographed.

We were given a short storyto pick at random. I got one  called 'The ring and the fish'. 
Using my penmanship and the stuff from the image kit, I illustrated 5 scenes from 
'The ring and the fish'.
Im going with the scenes that where of (to me) the most 
memorable events took place. It took me a while to understand the concept of this image kit, but its a bit like referencing or reading in/for essays. These are some sketches accompanying the work of characters.

 The black and green picture I prepared for my image kit with ink and water. Others, like the one done with paint ink and card of rainy clouds and the one on wood of an exploding girl that I did at a live drawing event, that I will treat as part of my kit too. The fish pictures are for this brief especially.


Sonali | 28 December 2008 at 15:25

the green and black ink piece is very effective, and expressive.
i really like it too!