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Headline brief= Stabbed because he was from Peckham.

Considering everything I know/can visualize etc and dividing into two-categories:
Draw something for each of these, sub divide each in to two categories, do the same again.....followed by illustrating an accompanying A-Z book. 

I warn you, this made me think. The things I found peculiar about this was that e.g. Natural-Synthetic are, if you think about it are the same thing. e.g. People, animals and cells, naturally synthesize homes, nests and other cells respectively. 
Everything that is synthesized comes from the earth. So is natural. Even the most unnatural thing you can think of, like pollution/cars/industry/credit are a result of our natural evolution. Any consequences will be the result of our cultural evolution as a species as it is in our nature to be curious, discover and make things. This will never excuse our abuse and wastefulness which as a necessary counter example, is completely unnatural. Nonetheless it is something we will either have to adapt to (like every other living thing) and adaptation is a main function of nature, or attempt to undo (which we will never accomplish but will happen naturally as the world will still be here long after humans have all died). 
Its the same with decorative-functional. Decor serves a function. Its a form of communication and and an instinct (think primitive man drawing of cave walls and the development of any alphabet/language). Functional things as well, are decorative as they occupy space and are see-able, their likability or beautifulness is subject to perspective. Similarly, we can take the alphabet, as wonderfully useful as its is and develop it into a variety of hugely decorative fonts. 

And some things are functional and decorative. Like this clock, and this map.
The same applies to Useful-Useless, although for some reason the line is
 blurred and the difference
 between function and use is much more defined. E.g; Technically 'strictly come dancing' is useless. It can not benefit anyone in any real sense, needless to say it may serve the function of entertainment to some one some where. 

It is possible for us to devise a use for most things and reuse them or even find a way justify things and say they're useful if you want. Anyway, I fond it hard differentiating between my categories, and illustrating them
 but this is what I came up with for the brief. (tbc)

A is for Artichoke 
M is for Mutated
P is for Path