Lost and Found II

My pal who works in a warehouse somewhere in distant suburbia found these in the bin and kindly gave them to me. They are very misprinted playing cards. Being misprints they are made of imagery we are familiar with but that its askew and wrong. The platonic shapes and the soldiers remind me of our project breif and with all the printing we have been doing we can learn from these and try not to be put off by errors.


ZEEL | 24 March 2009 at 04:47

good find!
in morocco i saw houses with walls made of misprinted tin sheeting that had not been used to make sardine cans because it was substandard (i took no pictures and it was halfway up a mountain).
you woulda liked that.

when i worked at wimbledon there was a printers next door that would give us misprinted pharmaceutical packaging, and that was cool because as it was difficult to work out what the hell the packaging was for , all abstract shapes and random medicine names like parmalactyl or phomacote (i just made those examples up) it was useful to cut up and investigate collage and graphics as an abstract exercise.

smart smart smart

ZEEL | 4 April 2009 at 07:06


I know, Big Crystals and explosions and alembics yes, Algebra Duuuuh.