Visual Terminology

All the things we experience visually effect us in some way. If you ignore something although you are aware of it, you choose that its presence is irrelevant to yours. Whilst if you don't notice something is there, that is a bit different.  
I came across some books about 20th century engineering in the library while looking for books on natural disasters in the early moments of this project. That, and the earlier work I did about the Bernd and Hilla Becher have made me see something very exciting in architecture and now I am not neglecting to identify primary forms in their designs in everyday buildings. This emphasizes the physical strengths of certain structures in buildings. Here are some of the pictures I liked.

The presence of fundamental regular platonic solids in the designs of some of these structures reveals the practicality of some shapes. The shapes are also simple and simple shapes are calming to look at. We used quite a lot of basic shapes in our costumes and drawings. This result is perhaps connected to the fact that we illustrated our primary needs. As a group we represent things that are quite elementary and universally applicable. Not only to us as individuals.