Biopic Project: My allocated peson is..... Jeremy Bentham, BEHOLD! Here is a summary

Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832), recognised philosopher was born in Spitalfields, London. He was something of a child prodigy, reading by the age of 2, learning Latin by 3 and by the age of 12 he was admitted to Queens College Oxford to study Law, he proved to become a widely respected figure by the 1820's.

During his studies he became disillustioned with law, and rather than practiced it he wrote about it, offering critisism and improvement. He endorsed utalitatianism, the beleif in "greatest good for the greatest number" in other words pleasing the majority was priority. (A theory that is moraly questionable if the majority are sadematecistic facist extreamists and are pleased by opressing a minority?)

ANYWAY, Jeremy Bentham spent 40 years of his life living quietly in Wesminster producing between 10 to 20 sheets of manuscript a day well into his 80's writing essays about various social, political and religious theories creating many works that questioned and subverted the state of Law at his time, his writings are still centeral in academic debate today, cheifly regarding social policy.
Recognized as one of the earliest proponents of animal rights, he also spoke for a complete equality between sexes and was one of the earliest philosophers to argue for decriminalization of homosexuality and equal rights for homosexually inclined people. This is his last will and testiment and If someone tries to tell you Bentham helped create and found University College of London- UCL, (as he is often credited as being one of the founders) it is pure fantasy. However he was held in high esteem by the actual founders and if one was to visit the South Cloisters, one would find a wooden cabinet containing his preserved skeleton. One day his head, which was not preserved well…fell off. So they made a wax one and stuck his real head between his feet.