My Word!

People say allot of things, I say alot of things, YOU probably say alot of things.......Its probably normal. One may happen across thousands of doctorates, essays and books discussing anything from 'Sergeant Peppers lonely Hearts Club Band' to Harry Potter, Greek Democracy, Anthropology, Paleontology and Geophysics, Brain Science, Quantum Mechanics, Motor Mechanics, Social Policy, Theory of Surveillance and Collectible post-war kitchen wear. Im not putting these all these topics in the same box, I just making a point (not that I assume you do not realize, because I know you do, just trying to get to the point) that people can and will discuss, debate and write about ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING they can and want to. Kudos to the human I guess.

Similarly thousands of things can be said about any comic that "it means this" or "that" or perhaps that "it is a satire of blah-blah" and we could be here for a thousand years talking about it and then writing it all up. Needless to thay the human is an analytical creature, comics being one of the many many things they will analyse.

Comics are a combination of literature and pictures after all, (as are films actually) so there is ALOT to think about, alot to debate and alot to discuss!

But Im not going to do that. I will merely glance upon the tip of the ice berg. Thats it. Some say (for example) that Flash Gordon was based on a whole load of different things, some say its subversive while some say its racist and/or formulaic etc. Loads of different things can and are said. Perhaps what ever you think (just like with almost everything) entirely depends on your view or temperament. Then again perhaps not. Who really knows, perhaps we could ask the creators one day or perhaps its not worth it. Any way as far as Im concerned, its all about the Hawkmen, red clouds, the sound and flying golden hands.

However, without further ado, I present to you the purpose of this long-winded spiel of nonsense. Apparently here lies an unprecedented coincidence, perhaps one I can work with. Flash Gordon was allegedly based on Utilitarianism..... and so was Jeremy Bentham.