The largest feature of this planet is the mid-ocean-ridge, at perhaps something like 65,000 km (40,400 mi) long while the total length of the system is 80,000 km (49,700 mi). Covering 80% of the ocean floor, with breadths of 500-4000 miles and heights of 1,500m (5,000 ft) though even at this height, it sits at around 6km under the ocean’s surface.  This entry is to illustrate how the use of information in a different illustrative way can reveal something (like a feature) that can change our perspective on our environment and maybe our relationship with it. For example; habitually if I specifically wanted to imagine a massive/huge/big mountain rage/system (for example) for any particular reason, when I would have thought about the himalayas, perhaps now I might imagine colossal combinations of underwater ranges.