This book is a guide to something similar to a treasure hunt, just not a particularly comprehensive one. It will (with the correct use) lead you to a rewarding treat that could be buried, sunken, suspended or in some other way concealed from the eye, ear, hand and mouth. Complete the cross words associated with each drawing and using the words from them, the whereabouts of the prize can be deduced in the final puzzle. Any tools, ideas and warnings that may be indispensable to your success will also be disclosed. 
Use any type of resource that is at your disposal, perhaps consider doing so in groups, this could be hugely beneficial for the last task as my pictures are probably misleading and do contain accidental decoys, the forward notes and clues help make it clear. It is advised that you visit particular locations for some of the tasks; in the tasks ‘1520’ and ‘Timely’ for example, your location may as well be a precondition to your success. There are no spaces in the answers and all numbers are spelt out.   
Personally, I have never completed a crossword in my life and my spelling is distinctly below average but rest assured the solutions to these tasks are quite real and ARE spelt correctly. Do not hesitate to contact me for any further inquiry.  

NOTE: Regrettably, I can not be made accountable for any misadventures resulting from an employment of any or all of these tasks. 

Copyright 2010 by the author of this book (Jennifer A Crouch).  The book author retains sole copyright to the contributions of this book. None other may use them as of right for any reason with out permission of the author. Please contact Jennifer A Crouch if you require more information.

Jennifer Crouch

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