PUFFIN: Alice in Wonderland

Im working on something to enter in a book cover competition ran by Puffin children's books. I don't know if many of the things I draw would make a very young human feel entirely comfortable, so I'll have to interview the offspring of some of my spawning friends to find out. Hence for the time being I have decided to work on a pattern. Similar to the ones I did last year here: http://thejenistempire.blogspot.com/2009/01/isometric-paper.html 

The use of (anti)logic and nonsense in Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll (or should I say Charles Lutwidge Dodgson?) originate from a pack of cards, while the tale Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There relates to nonsense within a game of chess. This is what I have tried to draw attention too so far. The patterns are all very different to what I am more partial to producing but are very interesting to make as they behave as a means to communicate and do so using simple, instant imagery. They hold direct universal meanings relating to pattern, memory and logic and as far as I am concerned to absurd applications of logic in absurd situations. I have started working on some characters on paper but need to ask a child if they find them acceptable or if they are any good. 
I assumed that making patterns through my computer would make pattern making a little easier and more enjoyable. It was. 

Here are some of the things I have materialised via my table top ordinating processing book device. They remind me a little bit of fractals because of the shape within a shape within a shape etc.