PENDING IN THE INTERMEDIATE LAKE (Exhibition: 04/02/20100 07/02/2010)

Considering the space at the Arthur and Albert Studio is so large, it seemed like a good way to try project the 'Probability Theory' animation, programmed by Adam Chappell. The drawings were deliberately hung opposite the designated projection area in moveable frames so they could slide up off their hooks and be re-arranged in a countdown-fashion to certify how they connect up with each other. Photocopied versions of these pictures was also available on a table for people to interact with. 'Probability Theory' was my chosen topic to illustrate from the  FACT project. The exhibition was also an opportunity to allow interaction with this piece, which is important in supporting my intentions of demonstrating the blurred lines between causality and randomness.

At the back of the space, in a small make shift room, were some old pieces from my show in August 'A Vague Inventory of Ailments and States' next to the Windmill Brae painting and the final clue painting from the book called 'PENDING'. Many, many, many fundamentally indispensable thanks and praise to Su Pettigrew, Charlotte Hanlon (of OVER IT & CO) who did all the organising, planning, drink getting and flyer making. The same thanks applies to Arthur & Albert's Zoniel Burton and Danny (surname?) who so wisely designed the layout of the exhibition AND of course to Alex Miller for handling the hanging of all the work so swiftly and efficiently.