Directive and distribution

Having been approached by a good friend who wanted to help put on an exhibition in time for 4th February 2010 and accepted, and fused this opportunity with the publish project, it seems as though it would be hugely beneficial to untilise any opportunity for distribution and introduction of this book. 

All the paintings are about A2 to just above A3 in size, choosing to do this has proved to be awkward. I thus I want to make this book available as a pdf so that there is an option for several stages in the distribution stage. This means I can distribute it more easily at the exhibition, work within the time limit I have and tie up any loose ends for the exhibition. Giving me more time to solve any problems. One of the problems is that printing in A2 (which would in book form- fold down to A3) is very difficult on my kind of budget, especially for double sided colour printing. This is the main floor I have encountered; my plan to scan and print paintings on card that I are to be framed and exhibited is not entirely suitable for my design. Im delighted with the progress of the paintings but in terms of publication this has not worked to my advantage. I though it would be the easiest way but I seem to have not made the necessary inquiries to have for seen this. I thus propose, I attempt this project again in the future, (although not at all with the same imagery or concept) but this time using screen printing methods. 

I am obliged to change my design, and downsize from an A2 spread to an A3 spread. But that is all very well. Compromise is compulsory. 

Anyone who is interested, will be encouraged using something like this:

to receive a copy....If you would like a copy of PENDING IN THE INTERMEDIATE LAKE: A book of pictorial quests by Jennifer Crouch, it is required that you wait a little while for it is not yet complete else attend the opening of the exhibition.